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Playlist updated 5/16/2022
Current Rotation (14 spins/week)
Bad ReligionMy Sanity
Calva LouiseI Heard a Cry
Charly BlissHard to Believe
Chemical BrothersNo Geography
Cigarettes After SexApocalypse
Coathangers TheBimbo
CrocodilesWait Until Tomorrow
Faint TheYoung And Realistic
Fontaines DCBoys in the Better Land
Frankie CosmosWannago
HatchieWithout A Blush
Illuminati HottiesI Wanna Keep Yr Dog
LevellersThe Ballad of Robbie Jones (live)
Middle KidsMistake
Muffs TheDown Down Down
Muffs ThePollyanna
Muffs TheOn My Own
N LannonDestination Unknown
Potty MouthFencewalker
ProdigyTimebomb Zone
TelekinesisA Place in the Sun
WeezerIm Just Being Honest
WeezerToo Many Thoughts in My Head
White LiesDenial
Yolks TheGet Back
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